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Our collaboration with world's leading brands reflects our commitment to bringing you the best in home interiors. Here is a selection of the brands we work with.

About Us

Welcome to our world of interior excellence, where our passion for transforming homes into sanctuaries of beauty and comfort has thrived since 1992. Over 30 years, we've been nestled in the heart of our community, proudly offering an exquisite selection of curtains, blinds, and flooring, handpicked from the finest brands.

Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and personalised service is unwavering, ensuring every space we touch reflects your dreams with precision and care. Experience the difference with us today.

What We Do


Step into a world where the foundation of every room is a statement of style and quality. Our showroom boasts an extensive range of flooring options, including the warm elegance of wooden floors, the durable charm of vinyl, and the luxurious comfort of carpets.

Each option is meticulously selected from top brands, ensuring unparalleled quality and aesthetic appeal. Explore our vast collection in person and find the perfect foundation to transform your space

What We Do


Explore our curated collection of curtains, where every fold and fabric speaks volumes of elegance and style. For over 30 years, we've been crafting spaces with our extensive range of designs, from timeless classics to modern trends. Our selection includes luxurious materials and the finest craftsmanship from top brands, ensuring every piece adds warmth and character to your windows.

Visit us to experience the beauty and quality firsthand, and let us help you bring your vision to life.

What We Do


Dive into our diverse array of blinds, designed to enhance any space with functionality and flair. From sleek roller blinds for a minimalist touch, to classic Venetian, versatile vertical, and elegant Roman blinds, our collection is rich with options to suit every taste and requirement.

Each type has been carefully chosen for its quality and style, featuring the best from top brands. Discover the perfect blend of light control, privacy, and aesthetic appeal in our showroom, where inspiration meets innovation.

What Our Customers Say...

Customer Reviews

We had our sitting room curtains set up by Cambridge Interiors. They did an excellent job, advising us on the curtain material, making the curtains to fit and installing them. We were very satisfied with the whole process.

Mike Ross
(via Facebook)

Since 1997 I've been a regular Cambridge Interiors customer. Over the years their work has always been great and I've never had to go elsewhere. I would highly recommend working with them on small and large jobs alike.

Buddy Kadri
(via Google)