About Cambridge Interiors

At Cambridge Interiors, our mission is simple: to help you create a home that truly reflects who you are. Since Alistair Savage stepped in in 2023, we've held onto the values that make us special, while adding a fresh burst of creativity. Our team, from skilled tailors to expert installers, is the heartbeat of our business, bringing dreams to life with precision and a smile.

About Us

Welcome to our world of interior excellence, where our passion for transforming homes into sanctuaries of beauty and comfort has thrived since 1992. Over 30 years, we've been nestled in the heart of our community, proudly offering an exquisite selection of curtains, blinds, and flooring, handpicked from the finest brands.

Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and personalised service is unwavering, ensuring every space we touch reflects your dreams with precision and care. Experience the difference with us today.

How It All Began

Since its inception in 1992 as 'Classic Curtains', our journey began with a vision to offer more than just curtains. Jon Kerby, with a rich background from John Lewis, took the helm in 2005, craving a closer connection to customers.

Transforming this vision into reality Jon expanded our offerings to include carpets in 2007, moving into larger premises to accommodate our growing range. Our reputation for unparalleled service and understanding of our clients' dreams has only grown stronger.

Jon, alongside Phil and a dedicated team, continues to meet every challenge head-on, turning unique projects into triumphs, including the notable task of carpeting HMS Warrior.

Supported by his wife, Amanda, Jon's journey from a secure job to fulfilling his entrepreneurial dream reflects our commitment to quality, personal service, and innovation.

Present Day

Today, with Alistair at the helm since 2023, our legacy flourishes, embodying the same commitment to excellence and dedication to craftsmanship that has defined us from the start.

A local with a keen eye for detail, Alistair respects our storied past while steering us towards a vibrant future.

Our heart and soul remain our talented in-house tailors and skilled installation team, who ensure every project is a testament to our standards of quality and personal service.

Together, we continue to transform spaces, bringing each client's dream to life with precision and care.